Förvaltningsutvecklare - Central Stockholm


Just now we have a request from one of our Swedish clients for a Förvaltningsutvecklare

Please Note: We sent this assignment out earlier. After additional thought, the client decided he wanted junior to mid-level consultant for this assignment.

For this assignment, our Client is looking for either a .NET fullstack developer or a .NET backend developer with some knowledge of frontend.

Duration: 2 months, with a very good possibility of extension.
Start: ASAP
Place: Central Stockholm

If you feel qualified for this position or know someone else who is, could you or your colleague please contact me as soon as possible (in Swedish or English) with the following:

an updated CV in Word format (in Swedish)
a price per hour
an availability date

Send your information to michael@konsultfabriken.se

By sending us this information, you agree to allow us, if you are selected, to present this information to our client for this assignment. If you are sending this information on behalf of a third party, you must inform them of this, before sending it to us.  


Apply for this assignment

Send your CV to sales@konsultfabriken.se