Developer - Angular React - Central Stockholm. - An English speaking consultant may be suitable.


Just now we have a request from one of our Swedish clients for a Developer - Angular React

Please note: An English speaking consultant may be suitable for this assignment.

Extent of Assignment 

- Design, develop, and maintain web applications using Angular, with the flexibility to work in React, as part of an international development team.
- Implement TypeScript for development, ensuring code safety and maintainability.
- Employ testing frameworks such as Jest and Playwright to guarantee application reliability.
- Develop accessible user interfaces conforming to WCAG AA 2.2 standards, with a strong command of CSS and SCSS for styling.
- Create and maintain backend services using C# and .NET, managing data across MS SQL, Redis, and MongoDB databases.
- Apply DevOps principles to streamline deployment and operations, using OpenShift and Kubernetes for container orchestration and GitHub Actions for CI/CD pipelines.
- Work closely with other teams, using GitHub projects and Jira boards to manage tasks and projects within an Agile framework, including Scrum and SaFE methodologies.
- Enjoys working as part of a diverse, international team, contributing to a culture of learning, mutual respect, and innovation.

Main competencies: 
- Angular
- TypeScript
- Jest
- Jira
- Agile methodologies (SaFE)

We are looking for a consultant with as many as possible, of the techniques listed below:
- Angular
- React
- TypeScript
- Jest
- Playwright
- NX framework
- WCAG 2.2 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)
- C#
- .NET
- Redis
- MongoDB
- OpenShift
- Kubernetes
- GitHub Actions
- GitHub Issues
- GitHub Projects
- Jira
- Agile methodologies (SaFE)

Duration: Long Term.
Start: ASAP
Place: Central Stockholm.

If you feel qualified for this position or know someone else who is, could you or your colleague please contact me as soon as possible with the following:

an updated CV
a price per hour
an availability date

Send your information to michael@konsultfabriken.se

By sending us this information, you agree to allow us, if you are selected, to present this information to our client for this assignment. If you are sending this information on behalf of a third party, you must inform them of this, before sending it to us. 


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